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  • Thickeners Overview

    What can you do by simply changing the texture of a liquid? The flavor stays the same, doesn't it? And the addition of thickening agents provides little nutritional value. So w...

    Mar 29,2019       124
  • What is Flax

    Flax is a self-pollinated crop widely adapted to temperate climates of the world. The scientific name for flax is Linum usitatissimum L. Usitatissimum literally means ‘most useful’...

    Mar 29,2019       60
  • Is starch only used in food?

    Mainly, but not only. More than 60 percent of all starch produced in the EU goes to food and beverage applications. The remaining 38 percent is used in non-food applications, pr...

    Mar 21,2019       169
    标签: starch Is only used in food?
  • Gluten-free, a major trend for food ingredients

    With years of experiences in this sector, Emsland Group is able to provide innovative product solutions based on potatoes and peas for a wide range of gluten-free applications (glu...

    Feb 26,2019       120
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