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  • Is Carrageenan Gluten Free?

    Carrageenan, a fibrous ingredient found in a wide variety of foods, is made from red seaweed. In its pure form, it is considered gluten free. The food additive is used in a variety of products, including products l...

    Sep 27,2019      121
  • What is Low Acyl Gellan Gum?

    Low acyl gellan is a carbohydrate secreted by a bacterium (Sphingomonas elodea) that, when in the presence of salts or acid, forms very clear,

    Sep 27,2019      95
  • Usage of Gellan Gum

    At present, gellan gum has gradually replaced agar and carrageenan, because of superior gel performance. Gellan gum is widely used in foods, such as pudding, jellies, sugars, beverage, dairy products, bread filler,...

    Sep 25,2019      103
  • Usage of Curdlan Gum

    Because of forming the gel under heating conditions and unique characteristic of thermal irreversibility, curdlan gum has been widely applied to the food industry.

    Sep 25,2019      95
  • How to Use and Cook with Gellan Gum

    Gellan gum is sold under branded names such as GELRITE, Nanogel-TC, Gelrich, Grovgel, AppliedGel or Phytagel. If you’re able to find any in local stores or choose to purchase some online, small amounts of gellan...

    Sep 24,2019      96
  • Gellan Gum Nutrition Facts

    Technically, gellan gum is a type of exopolysaccharide produced by certain types of bacterial fermentation, specifically using the culture called Sphingomonas elodea. Lily pads naturally produce small amounts of ge...

    Sep 24,2019      135
  • Uses of Gellan Gum

    Since its discovery more than three decades ago, gellan gum has become a common additive in the food, beverage, personal care, industrial cleaners and paper-production markets, especially over the past 15 years.

    Sep 24,2019      121
  • Health Benefits of Xanthan Gum

    Xanthan gum is a food additive that helps make food products thicker. It's commonly found in bakery products, especially in gluten-free baked goods, where it helps to bind the ingredients together. Xanthan gum also...

    Sep 23,2019      99
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