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Shenzhen Taike Biotechnology Co. Ltd.
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1. About Taike Agar

Shenzhen Taike Biotechnology Co. Ltd.  is the international Sales & Purchasing Center of  Wuhan Taike Biotechnology Co. Ltd. , a member of Wuhan Optics Valley Bio-pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd. Taike is an independent high-tech biotechnology company that manufactures all natural instant agar-agar & standard agar powder for food producers worldwide.

2. Locations 

Taike is situated at Wuhan Biolake, the only state-level bio-pharmaceutical park in China. With the technical support from Wuhan University and resources joint & share with high-tech enterprises of strong innovative forces, Taike...

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 Food Agar
Food Agar

Shenzhen Taike Biotechnology Co. Ltd.
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  • Main product:Agar
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