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Chengdu Xieli Konjac Scentific Planting&Processing Community Co.,Ltd
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Established respectively in 1999 and 1984, Hong Kong Sheli Ltd. and Kam Yuen International Trading Company have made great progress and sustainable development by set up four subsidiary companies in China.  It has owned three garden like factories with ecological environment, modern buildings and advanced equipments.  The total land areas of factories are 110,000.square meters, it is one of the leading companies in same industry in China.    

Sheli is mainly engaged in developing, processing and selling of series of hydrocolloids products such as Konjac gum, Kappa & Iota Carrageenans, Agar Agar, Sodium Alginate, PGA and Sheli gum, etc...  It...

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Konjac Gum
Konjac Gum

Chengdu Xieli Konjac Scentific Planting&Processing Community Co.,Ltd
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  • Main product:Agar,Carrageenan,Konj...
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