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Guangzhou Koumei Cosmetic Technology Co., Ltd.
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Guangzhou koumei cosmetics technology co., LTD. Is a professional cosmetics OEM/ODM processing company integrating cosmetics research and development, brand service and production and processing. Company owned by guangzhou fairy Chloe biological technology co., LTD. Is a cosmetics OEM generation of processing production factory, the factory in strict accordance with GMPC standard construction, strictly observe IS022716, to the production workshop, raw materials and packaging materials, production process and finished product loading and unloading, personnel health and scientific management; We sincerely welcome customers, and customers support each other forward together;...

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OEM Best Selling Skin soothing Aloe Vera Gel
OEM Best Selling Skin...

Guangzhou Koumei Cosmetic Technology Co., Ltd.
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  • Main product:India aloe extract
  • Business model:manufacture
  • Region:China
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