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Bornnet Corporation Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and exporter food ingredient, food additive, dietary supplement, and beauty products for more than 11 years. Here are our product lists: 
1. Food Ingredient and Food Additive 
1.1 Non Dairy Creamer 
1.2 Coconut Cream Powder (Coconut Milk Powder) 
1.3 Modified Starch 
1.4 Tapioca Starch 
1.5 Monosodium Glutamate 
1.6 Ribonucleotide 
1.7 Fructose Syrup 
1.8 Food Grade Non Phosphate 
1.9 Food Grade Blended Phosphate 
1.10 Durian Powder 
1.11 Soft Dry Mango 

2. Dairy Products 

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Modified Starch (E1420) for Noodles
Modified Starch (E1420)...
Food Grade Modified Starch (E1412) for snacks, sauce, canned food
Food Grade Modified...

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  • Main product:modified starches
  • Business model:manufacture
  • Region:China
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