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Qingdao Oceanview Chemical Co., Ltd.
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Qingdao Oceanview Chemical Inc., a subsidiary of Oceanview Group, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of chemicals and polymers to oil and gas, mineral exploration, water well & HDD, construction, water treatment and environment etc. The company was established in 2002 in Qingdao China. 

Over the years, Oceanviewchem has continued to develop and expand its products portfolio in its goal to aid the industry in the efficient of development of oil and gas resources throughout the world. 

Today, after one decade effort, Oceanviewchem operates a large and technologically advanced manufacturing facility producing a wide range of high quality...

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High Viscosity Sodium alginate Food grade
High Viscosity Sodium...
Low Viscosity Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose CMC LV
Low Viscosity Sodium...
Xanthan Gum Liquid
Xanthan Gum Liquid
Modified Starch for drilling mud
Modified Starch for...

Qingdao Oceanview Chemical Co., Ltd.
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  • Main product:Alginate, Xanthan Gum
  • Business model:manufacture
  • Region:China
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