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Guangzhou Qianyi Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.
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Founded in 2013, Guangzhou Qianyi Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd Is a company specialized in production and import and export of raw materials, ingredients. 
Engaged in Chemical raw materials, Food additives, Amino acid, Nutrient supplements and other 2000 products; 
Companies registered capital of 10 million yuan, the strength is abundant, internal elite. 
As one of domestic professional factory we have our own import and export team, is also one of the largest exporters, business distribution to many countries and regions of the world. 

Culture Idea 

Namely through the spirit of international...

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Food Grade Sodium Alginate / Textile Grade Sodium Alginate
Food Grade Sodium...
Food grade Tamarind Gum
Food grade Tamarind Gum
CMC sodium carboxymethyl cellulose/carboxymethyl cellulose sodium CMC Na.
CMC sodium...
Food Grade Thickener Citrus Pectin
Food Grade Thickener...

Guangzhou Qianyi Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.
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  • Main product:Tamarind gum,Guar...
  • Business model:Trade
  • Region:China
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