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  • Curdlan
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  • what is  Curdlan
  • Curdlan is a polysaccharide produced by bacteria and a homopolymer of glucose with β-1,3-glucosidic linkage. Its unique characteristic is its ability to form a firm, resilient and thermo-irreversible gel when heated in an aqueous suspension higher than 80
  • Introduction of colloid :
  • Curdlan is a linear beta-1,3-glucan, a high-molecular-weight polymer of glucose. Curdlan consists of β-(1,3)-linked glucose residues and forms elastic gels upon heating in aqueous suspension. It is produced by non-pathogenic bacteria such as Agrobacterium biobar. The production of curdlan by Alcaligenes faecalis is being developed to be used in gel production as well.

    Curdlan has numerous applications as a gelling agent in the food, construction, and pharmaceutical industries and has been approved as a food additive by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration.

    Some examples of food applications for curdlan were shown as follows:

    1. Food additive uses: to improve, modify and stabilize the physical properties of the products.

    Texture modifier in noodles and fish paste products such as kamaboko; Water-holding agent in meat products such as sausages, hams and hamburgers, etc.

    2. Food ingredient uses: to develop the new products.

    Noodle-shaped tofu; Tofu for retorting, freezing or freeze-drying; Frozen noodle-shaped konjac-like gel food; Low-fat sausage (coarse-cut), substituting curdlan gel containing vegetable oil for pork fat; Non-fat whipped cream (analogue), as a milk fat substitute, etc.

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