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  • konjac gum Application in Food Additives
  • source :        Dec 06,2018         204

    konjac gum Application in Food Additives

    Food & beverage additive:

    China and Japan have planted and eaten konjac. On February 16, 1998, China’s Ministry of Health included konjac as one kind of ordinary food on the new food resource list. In European and North American countries, konjac was neither planted nor eaten, in addition to its use as the specimen in the botanical garden. Until the 1990s, konjac powder, a crude product of KGM, had been recognized as a food additive and officially announced. The US approved it as a food additive in 1997 and published it in the fourth edition of FCC (Food Chemicals Codex). Its physical and chemical indicators for the food additive standard are even looser than those of China’s standards. On November 4, 1998, the European Union approved its application in food in the official communiqué NO. L295127,E-425. Due to its various favorable properties, KGM has broad application as a kind of food & beverage additive.


    Wide application as food and food additive

    As a thickening and stabilizing agent, konjac gel can be added to jelly, fruit juice, ice cream, and other cold drinks, solid beverage, or flavoring powders.

    As an adhesive, it can be added into noodles, meatballs, bread and pastry to keep fresh.

    As a gel, it can be added to various kinds of soft sweets and crystal candies and can also be used to make bionic food.

    Thickening effects

    When konjac gum powder dissolves in water, it can form a high-viscosity solution. Furthermore, the viscosity won’t be affected by electrolyte and can remain basically stable in pH3.5~8.5. Consequently, in beverage and dairy product processing, it can provide with stable structures and real tastes, and make solid particles suspend and stabilize more uniformly in liquid.

    Gelation effects

    Joint with other gelling agents, konjac flour can form a structurally stable gel and improve the flexibility of its products with the increase of its dosage. Under the base condition, it can form a heat-irreversible gel while in the acid condition; it can form a heat-reversible gel. KGM has found wide application in jelly, soft sweets and solid jam.

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